Guidance for Circle Secretaries

This page provides some guidance for circle secretary’s on how to use the Province 17 website, both for provincial matters and also for their own circle. Use the table of contents below to navigate the information.


We have set up the Province Web-site to provide an information hub for all Circles in Province 17. It is intended to simplify communications between circles and to provide a one-stop shop for all brothers. The hosting arrangements that support the province web-site also supports each circle having its own web-site (see below).

Most of the functionality of the web-site can be accessed as any other internet site – though you will need to be logged in to see the bulk of the information.

To updates the site pages themselves we use a software tool called WordPress to manage the web-site and the information in it. This provides an easy to use interface to create and update pages – everything works through a browser interface. You will need to use this to manage your own web-sites.

Events and Diaries

To look at the Provincial Diary simply use this link. You add events and then tag them as being for your Circle only or as available to Circles across province by using this link.

The form is pretty straightforward to use.

  • Give the event an easily understood name.
  • If the event is recurring (e.g. a regular Circle meeting) click the recurring event box
  • Add the date and time of the event
  • Under location type choose ‘Physical Location’ and add the information
  • Add some details about the event – e.g. a brief description, price, dress code
  • Choose the event type (options are circle or provincial)
  • You can choose to enable online bookings for events if you choose to.

Visitor Cards

The website provides an electronic way of registering circle visits. Simply go to the Menu option: Members – Admin (Data Entry) – Record a Visit.

Fill in the form for each visitor and press submit.

Records of all visits will then be available at: Members – Visitor Records

Provincial Prayer List

You can add information about your sick list and recent deaths at Members – Admin (Data Entry) – New Sick List Entry or Record a Death.

Once these forms are submitted the provincial prayer list will be automatically updated.

Note: Deaths will be kept on the prayer list for 3 months from the data of death

Note 2: Sick list entries will also only be maintained for 3 months and must be resubmitted to be kept on the prayer list.

Membership Records

The monthly membership report can be submitted using the form that can be found at Members – Admin (Data Entry) – Membership Data Form

Once the form is submitted the overall membership information for the province will be automatically updated.

Updating ‘static’ information

If you need any information updating on the provincial web-site (e.g. circle meeting locations) please send an e-mail to the Province Web Master at

Contact Forms

There is a ‘Contact Us’ form on the province web-site. If anyone uses this their information will be sent to the Provincial Membership Officer who will then pass the information on to the relevant person.


Our hosting service provides an email service that enables us to use emails that do not change from year to year. As an example, to contact the President of Province 17 you would send an email to

That email is then automatically forwarded to the current holder of that post.

We can also set up group mail addresses. As an example will send an email to all Circle secretaries and the Province 17 secretary. Similarly each Circle can set up a mailing list for all its brothers e.g.

At the moment all email lists have to be set up by the central administration team. If you need a new email address or need to change a forwarding address please send an email to

Setting up your Circle Web Site

A holding web-site has been set up for all circles in Province 17.

These are easy to expand and develop using WordPress. Access to your site and guidance on how to use it can be provided by