Province 17 Prayer List

Last Updated: 12th September, 2023

Prayer List for the Sick

  • BROOKLANDS CIRCLE: Bro’s: Joe Moore, Gerry Langford, Matteo Llerena (Stephen Robinson’s Nephew), Elizabeth Tierney (Peter Kerr’s Niece) & Sheila Connor (wife of the late Tom Connor).
  • CREWE & DISTRICT CIRCLE: Bro: Bryan Betts, Kathleen Large (wife of Bro. Dennis), Stella Cooke (wife of Bro. Frank), Liz Wimpenny (wife of, Bro. Jack), Wendy Betts (wife of Bro. Bryan)
  • DIDSBURY CIRCLE: Bro: Eddie Haughey
  • KNUTSFORD CIRCLE: Bro’s: James O’Dude, Tony Weir, Damien Grieves, Joan Shaw, Fran Gore (wife of Bro. Bill)
  • MACCLESFIELD CIRCLE: Bro: Dr. David Asbury
  • NORTH CHESHIRE CIRCLE: Bro: Mike Bramwell
  • RINGWAY CIRCLE: Bro’s: Derek Bottomley, Brian Cann; Greta Bottomley, Trudie Denny
  • WARRINGTON CIRCLE: Bro: John Atherton, Philomena Harvey (wife of Bro. Peter)
  • WILMSLOW CIRCLE: Bro: Peter Jones, Dorothy Hillier

Please pray also for those who wish to maintain their privacy at this time and those who
have care of them.


Requiescat in Pace

  • Ashton Circle: Doctor Barney Kelly (August 3rd)
  • Crewe & District Circle: Aideen McGarvey, (June 19th ) wife of late Bro Joe
  • Knutsford Circle: Fran Lowe (July 7th) wife of Bro. Peter
  • Macclesfield Circle: Bro. Michael Kurek (August 20th)
  • Ringway Circle: Bro. Patrick Moore (August 1st)
  • Wilmslow Circle: Bro. Joseph Brendan Delaney (September 4th). Funeral: Wednesday 13th September @ 10 am, St Teresa’s RC Church, Green Lane, Wilmslow SK9 1LD

May they rest in peace